NDC 2010 – Day 0

Today I arrived in Oslo, Norway with a colleague for Norwegian Developer Conference. This is my first visit and the agenda looks very good. I’d hoped for a little more diversity and some more local Norwegian heros, but I’ll chat with them during the breaks instead (that’s where the interesting stuff happens, isn’t it). Day 0 was a nice meet up with NNUG and some of the speakers for a casual beer, tomorrow starts the cramming.

I’ll do some summarizing here the next couple of days so watch this space.

Sessions I’m planning to see and summarize include;

  • Data for developers, Chris Sells
  • CouchDB for .NET Developers
  • Strategic Design, Eric Evans
  • What I learned about DDD since I wrote the book, Eric Evans
  • Unleash Your Domain, Greg Young
  • Domain Driven Entity Framework, Julie Lerman
  • 5 reasons why projects using DDD fail, Greg Young

…. and lot’s I can’t decide between.

If you are here, poke me and we’ll have a beer.

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