Three things to watch and one to ignore during 2015

Big Data, IoT, Digital, Wearables, Drones. 2014 had a lot of really cool tech emerging and evolving. I have found myself trying out a lot more new stuff this year then previous years. While being cool though, most of it is really hype. Very little of it has been tangible or shown value beyond it’s hype-factor.

2015 will be the year of de-hyping some of the recent hypes. It will also bring a shift in focus on details in the hypes when we gain more insights in what the hype’s actually are and where the value lies. Overall, 2015 will be the year of showing value and making things real.

Digital will show it’s true face

Everybody are prefixing everything with “Digital” these days. Much like social in the latest hype and dotcom before that; Digital has become synonym to “current IT evolvement”.

At Avanade we are as guilty as the next guy. We talk about Digital Customer (which is the always on consumer), Digital Workplace (which is the always on employee) and Digital Innovation (which is innovation to transform any organization to a digital business).

During 2015 the conversation will be about figuring out what digital actually is and what it isn’t. To put it in the words of Gartner: 2015 will push “Digital” to “Trough of Disillusionment”

Less Big Data more Insights

In the data and analytics community, Big has been the word on everybody’s tongue. Much like Digital it has been everywhere where data has been mentioned, and much like Digital nobody really has a clear distinction of what Big really means. During 2015 this won’t matter. This is the year we’ll talk more about how to gain insights in current and future events, no matter the size of the data.

With Microsoft, among others, commoditizing machine learning and event processing (“event stream reporting”), the tools to gain insights in small, big and complex data is available for any organization.

2015 will be the year we’ll see others following NetFlix’s footsteps to utilize data as a the key driver for future business development.

Internet of Things will be less things and internet

Internet of Things, Connected Everything, Internet of Everything – No matter what you call it, the discussions around IoT has primarily been around one, maybe two, of the three “C’s” in what makes up IoT: Connect, Compute, Communicate.

We’ve seen and heard a lot about sensors and machine to machine communication. Kickstarter have numerous projects like the Thingsee One that Connect and Communicate. There are less communications on the actual intelligence, the compute, of IoT. Making things communicate over the internet is not a new paradigm shift, neither are sensors that can connect to it’s surroundings.

The shift is in the complete CCC and the technology that makes all three cheap and available. During 2015, this will be the theme; how do we actually makes sense of what the things are saying and how do we realize value from that.

Wearing Wearable’s
Microsoft Band, Samsung and Apple watches, Google glass, intelligent clothing – the list of wearable’s launched in 2014 can be made long. But yet we see very little traction outside of the geeky “must have” feelings. We are still waiting for the breakthrough of usability and value add. The Apple watch created a lot of ooooh and aaaaah among the already Apple saved, but I have yet to see someone actually wear it or even find an useful application. I believe wearable’s will leave us waiting passed next new years as well. They are cool – but not particular useful at this point.

2015 – year of value

So, 2015 will be the year where we see more focus on value creation on the current hypes. In the words of Gartner; we’ll move a lot of hypes to Trough of Disillusionment and even some to slope of enlightenment. If you work with Digital, Big data or IoT this is good news; this will move these things from the whiteboard to actual projects creating not only cool appliances but actual value paying your bills.

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