Unpacking Logitech G35 Gaming headset

WP_000482_thumb2_thumbA broken tooth, a missed flight to Seattle as a result of it, I decided to treat myself today. As the geek I am that really means buying Tech. Since my headset for the last weeks has been a borrowed Lync headset from Magnus Lindkvist, a new gaming pair was a suitable choice.

My local tech shop at Kungsholmen (within walking distance that is) suggested I’d try out Logitech. In the past I’ve only used Steel Series and Razor but he insisted that it was a good choice.

-"I use it myself", he argued, "and I will never go back".

With a review like that I’d ought to try it at least.


Form factor

It’s a classic headset in shape and form with a couple of quirks that I’ll talk a little bit about.

The connection is USB which I like. For me it means I can just plug it in and out conveniently in the front USB ports on my computer. This enables Windows to automatically disable the external speaker system I have plugged in.

Other headsets have had really fragile cables but the Logitech G35 has a strongly enhanced cable that I feel won’t break anytime soon:


Covered in a strong fabric fishnet “sock” I am certain the cable won’t be what breaks first on this set.

I really like that Logitech has gone for a shedable microphone instead of the clip on they, and Steel Series, usually have. It’s just so much better and I’ll never buy anything else from now on.

The fitting of the headset is highly customizable, the box contains two extra cushions for the head strap. So your strange head shape will get the best support, a nice touch. The headphones are adjustable both in height and in angle as the below pictures show. All in all, they are a very good fit for my head.

WP_000483_thumb1_thumb WP_000487_thumb_thumb


The headset was easily installed. Windows found the drivers automatically when plugged in but the CD came with configuration software. The software makes it easy to configure volume, treble, bass and microphone levels and to bind the three functionality buttons. There is predefined mappings to Ventrilo but not Team Speak, which was a bit disappointing. But might only be a web search away to get to it though.

There is also options for morphing the voice, a really unnecessary feature in my opinion. But I guess someone likes it.


In addition to the three functionality buttons (G1-3) there is also an analogue volume control and a mute button. Not sure I will use the volume control, I have one on my keyboard that my right hand is used to reach for, but the mute button can be really useful when on team speak.


WP_000491_thumb_thumbThe headphones closes of your ears really well from outside sounds and there is good bass and treble distinctions. I am not really found of the virtual surround, it makes the sound bleak, but it might be something I have to get used to.

Playing Tïesto – “Carpe Noctum” that has a real deep bass gives me the heavy club feeling I like. Loreen’s – “Euphoria” (Sweden just kicked your asses in the Eurovision ;), I can hear her voice as sharp as it should (not in surround mode though). So overall, very happy with the sound.


First few hours with the headset and I am really happy so far. It was a good recommendation I got. Keep an eye on my twitter for updates after I’ve done some raiding and action packed games.


Logitech official product page

Logitch G35 @ Pricerunner

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