NDC2010: Summarizing day 1

So, day one has ended. It has been a full day, a day with surprisingly high quality. I say surprisingly since I went here with a feeling that the first day would be a filler. But I was mistaken.

Venue was great, enough space so it wasn’t feeling very crowded nor empty with the 1450 participants. The overflow rooms was genius and as usual the users found another way to utilize it by surfing through sessions instead of staying at a single one, or as Julie Lerman told me; “Ive heard it referred to as the ADD (attention deficit disorder) room”.

Food was quickly served and garbage even quicker disposed of, so the logistics went very smooth indeed.

For me the content was interesting, I got to dig deep into all things data and especially hear some bright people talk about the NoSQL movement.

NoSQL, well it’s nothing new that’s for sure. But it has been branded and got loud advocates, some which proclaim the death of RDMBS. Yet I can hear RDMBS proclaim; "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated". One things for certain, up until this date RDBMS is the only model that have stayed around through any and all other attempts at storage.

My biggest take away today though was that I finally had time to sit down and get all things HTML5 explained to me, beyond the freaking Video element. Remy Sharp did an excellent presentation and now I see the hype.

I think the approch with using shims are neat, that way it will be possible to extend browsers with more functionality as the standard evolves without reinstalling a new browser.

Put HTML5 together with JSON/REST based databases like CouchDB or even OData and you’ll see loads of client / server apps written entirely in javascript running locally and offline. An interesting trend, but I fear it will create a lot of strange and crappy solutions. Oh well, more consultant hours for me I guess.

Closing day one, see you tomorrow for a full day of Eric Evans, Greg Young and Juli Lerman and ofcourse the NDC 2010 party. See you there if you are here.

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2 thoughts on “NDC2010: Summarizing day 1

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  2. Hi Patrik!
    Excellent summaries. I will follow you, so keep up the good work. 🙂 Could you perhaps explain further whats up with M and Oslo?
    Should we spend time to learn it, or as you said move on?

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