Attending a conference – how to mingle

Geeks are not known for their social skills. Which becomes very clear when a lot of them attend the same conference. I am currently attending the SharePoint 2012 Conference in Las Vegas and thought this would be suitable for all the geeks going to parties and mingles this week.

It is a list of 10 very concrete tips from a rhetorical and mingle expert. Very good tips, any geek following this will be successful (oh and yes, it works for picking up both men and woman as well 😉

Don’t miss this:

Rhetorical success is all about how to mingle, in the most efficient way. Mingle in reality. Mingle online. Mingle during parties and mingle in the office. It does not matter. You prepare your mingle in the same way as you – of course – prepare a text for publication. Ok?


Go to the ten tips here: Rhetorical success: How to mingle.

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