HTML5 will chop more then Flash and Silverlight, next up: Apps

In response to Apple adding a 30% “Tax” on anything bought inside apps and subscriptions, Amazon has released a HTML5 version of Kindle (source).

This is an interesting turn of events and one I’ve been waiting for. The capability leap of HTML5 seems to create a little bit of sanity in this space. Much like everything was a desktop app before WWW matured, everything on a mobile device is an app today. Even company contact info it seems.

But as HTML5 matures and get’s more widely spread on mobile devices, I’m expecting more and more apps being converted to web pages. In a similar fashion that more and more desktop apps was converted to HTML4 / Javascript pages when that technology matured and evolved.

Just because everything can be an app, doesn’t mean it should. Now we have other very strong alternatives as Amazon just showed.